Top 15 Best Countries to Retire Easily in 2024

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Top 15 Best Countries to Retire Easily in 2024
Top 15 Best Countries to Retire Easily in 2024

As people near the end of their careers and look to enjoy their golden years in a new location, they often consider many factors when choosing a country for retirement. Factors such as healthcare, climate, cost of living, infrastructure, and more all play a role. However, the most important consideration is the retirement visa policy of the desired country.

A retirement visa is a residence permit that allows retirees to spend their golden years abroad. To qualify for this type of visa, applicants are required to go through several procedures and requirements set by the country's government. Every year, the top countries to retire in are updated, and we've listed some of the best countries for retirees that provide the easiest retirement visa options in 2024.

It's important to note that we have only mentioned the countries that have a straightforward retirement or pensioner visa program. Countries that only offer golden visa programs and other investment-oriented programs for residency will not be mentioned. Furthermore, the ranking is based on the right balance between cheap and quality to ensure that all classes of people are satisfied.

Without further ado, here are the 15 best countries to retire easily in 2024:

15. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates and its city of Dubai offer plenty of exciting opportunities for affluent retirees who don't mind the warm climate and high cost of living. Retirees can enjoy the glitz and glamour of opulent shops, amazing shows and music festivals, high-class restaurants, cinema complexes, theme parks, golf clubs, and many other entertainment opportunities. It has an up and running retirement visa, which allows residents, their spouses, and dependents from around the world to retire in the Emirates if they fulfill the requirement of earning at least $5,500 per month. However, applicants cannot apply for this visa outside the country. One must first apply for an entry visa, enter Dubai, and then apply for this retirement visa. All things considered, it can be a great country for retirement, as it's modern, offers tax incentives, has great amenities, and is well aware of its position on a global stage.

14. Malaysia


Known for its vast and beautiful beaches, immaculate rainforests, and the surroundings of its multitude of tropical islands, Malaysia is still a worthy contender for retirees. It offers a reputable visa for retirement called Malaysia My Second Home Program. In the past, this was one of the most affordable programs for retirees in Southeast Asia, but nowadays, it's a bit expensive, and a lot of due diligence is involved. Nonetheless, to qualify for this program, the main applicant needs to be at least 35 years of age and must have liquid assets worth a minimum of $118,000, with an offshore income or pension of at least $2,400 per month. This visa is valid for 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely as long as the retiree keeps meeting the criteria. But keep in mind, the main candidate needs to be in Malaysia for at least 90 days a year to not lose the visa.

13. Uruguay


Situated between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is a highly desirable country for retirees wanting to spend their golden years in South America. It's the safest out of all the countries in South America and hosts a fascinating mix of Latin American and European cultures. Despite being small, it showcases diverse landscapes, from white sandy beaches to lakes and the Pampas. In addition to its capital city of Montevideo, the country offers a straightforward retirement visa, which is issued to retired foreigners who receive a minimum of at least $1,500 per month from a pension or other income generated from abroad.

12. Albania


Albania is a small country situated in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It is blessed with pristine Adriatic and Ionian coastlines with the imposing Albanian Alps in the north. Considering the cost of living, decent health care system, affordable housing, year-round good weather, and tax exemption on foreign income, Albania is an appealing retirement option. Along with its digital Nomad Visa, it offers a modernized retirement permit, which allows retirees to receive residency based upon basic requirements, including an income of at least $1,100, a notarized rental agreement, and private health insurance. This Visa is issued for a period of 12 months initially. After the first renewal, the Visa will have a validity of two years, and five years after the third renewal, the Visa Holder will be eligible to apply for Albanian citizenship. All things considered, Albania is home to beautiful cities and regions to relocate depending on preferences and budget.

11. The Philippines

The Philippines

The Philippines offers lots of tranquil areas that are perfect for retirees who want to get away from the loud city lifestyle and enjoy the crystal-clear beaches and beautiful tropical weather. There are currently more than 65,000 foreign retirees living in the Philippines, as it offers a simple retirement Visa known as the Special Resident Retirees Visa, which is open to people as young as 35. To qualify for this program, an applicant needs to make a one-time deposit of $50,000 or approve to financially support himself and any joining family members. All in all, the Philippines is not an expensive destination, which makes it a top choice for retirees all around the world.

10. Italy


Known for its mild climate, great food, and high quality of life, almost 50,000 foreign nationals make the decision to retire in Italy each year. Retiring in Italy is made not only possible but easier through the Italian elective residency Visa. Although the country does offer several other Visa options, the most viable is the elective residency Visa, as it specifically targets retirees. To qualify for this Visa, the applicant must have a minimum annual income of $34,000, and if applying with a spouse, the annual income should be around $41,000. In general, this amount has increased by $20 for every dependent that comes with the main applicant. But bear in mind these funds cannot come from active work while being retired in Italy, but rather from savings, investments, or pensions from the native country.

9. Thailand


With its beautiful beaches, delicious food, great prices, and tropical setting, Thailand is the most appealing country for retirement in Southeast Asia. Plus, it's world-renowned for its welcoming nature, and the government actively strives to maintain this status by promoting tourism and instigating different types of permanent resident visas. As of today, its government is issuing two types of extendable retirement visas for foreign nationals: the one-year Thailand retirement Visa named OA and the 10-year retirement Visa Ox. To be eligible for the OA retirement Visa, applicants must be at least 50 years of age and must generate a monthly income of approximately $1,900. While the Ox retirement Visa is only granted to affluent retirees hailing from North America, Europe, or ocean countries. With that being said, both of these visas are unique in their way and offer almost identical perks. On the downside, the retiree can only bring their spouse or dependent child under the age of 16 with any of these visas.

8. Mexico


Mexico is a popular retirement destination due to its proximity to the United States, low cost of living, warm climate, and beautiful beaches. The country offers a variety of retirement visa options, including the Permanent Residence Card or Mexico Retirement Visa. To be eligible for this visa, applicants must show proof of a monthly income of at least $2,000 USD from sources like pensions, annuities, or Social Security benefits. It's also possible to qualify based on income from investments or rental properties.

The Mexico Retirement Visa allows retirees to reside in Mexico on a permanent basis and provides access to public healthcare. In addition, Mexico offers a welcoming culture and a diverse range of activities for retirees, such as hiking, golfing, and exploring ancient ruins.

Mexico is also known for its expat communities, with large groups of retirees from the United States and Canada living in popular destinations like Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende, and Playa del Carmen. These communities provide a supportive environment for newcomers and offer a sense of familiarity for those who may feel uneasy about living in a foreign country.

Retiring in Mexico does come with some challenges, such as navigating a different language and culture, but with the right preparation and support, it can be a rewarding experience for those looking to enjoy their golden years in a warm and affordable location.

Overall, Mexico is a great option for retirees looking for a low-cost, warm climate and a welcoming culture. The country's retirement visa options make it easy to establish permanent residency and access to healthcare, while the expat communities provide a supportive environment for those looking to make new friends and enjoy their retirement to the fullest.

7. Greece


Greece is a country with stunning islands, pristine beaches, clear blue waters, green valleys, breathtaking landscapes, and everything a retiree could ever want. Moreover, its low cost of living makes it a worthy candidate to retire in Europe on an affordable monthly budget. Aside from its expensive golden visa program, it grants a specific visa for non-EU retirees named Greece financially independent person visa.

This program enables foreign retirees a Greek residency without any sort of investment or fees. However, it's often touted as a semi-retirement visa because applicants are allowed to work remotely for an overseas employer under this visa program. In terms of eligibility, anyone receiving income from external sources, be it rental, passive, or pensions above $2,200, can typically serve as the basis for a Greek FIP visa application. This program also allows candidates to bring a spouse, independent minor children to Greece without any subject to higher financial self-sufficiency requirements.

6. Ecuador


Ecuador is known for its perfect combination of climate, culture, and affordability, making it a popular destination for North American and European retirees. It has a slower pace of life than many other countries and plenty of opportunities for retirees to explore the Andes, rainforests, and nearby islands. The country offers an easy opportunity to retire through its "Habilitado Visa" which simply translates to "Retired Visa." To apply for this visa, one must have a monthly income of at least $800 and a clean criminal record.

5. Bulgaria


Bulgaria has something for everyone, whether retirees are looking to enjoy beautiful mountainous landscapes or a thriving city hub. It enjoys the lowest prices for goods and services across all EU member states, and although it's now experiencing a bit of inflation, it's still not as expensive as many other European countries. To retire in Bulgaria, non-EU citizens need to apply for a "Pensioner D Visa," which is valid for a period of 12 months and can be easily renewed after it expires. To qualify, applicants need to prove that they have sufficient funds to financially support themselves during their stay.

4. Mauritius


Mauritius attracts retirees from around the world who come to enjoy its natural beauty, remote areas, and relaxed lifestyle. Retiring here is advantageous thanks to its very lenient retirement residency permit offering a very long validity period of 10 years. Qualifying retirees must be 50 years or older and should be liable to transfer a minimum monthly amount of $1,500 or an annual transfer of at least $18,000 to a local bank account in Mauritius. Additionally, Mauritius is a low-tax jurisdiction, so retirees will not be taxed on wealth, inheritance, foreign income, or any other belongings that they're transferring there.

3. Panama


Panama has become a popular retirement retreat in recent years thanks to its low government taxes and price discounts for foreign investors and retirees. Anyone 40 or older can apply for the "Pensional Visa" as long as the applicant demonstrates an income or pension of only $1,000 per month and $250 for each dependent. Qualifying retirees for this permanent residency visa also receive several tax exemptions on household goods, with substantial discounts on everything from utility bills to medical exams and transportation services.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has one of the highest living standards in all of Latin America, and its beautiful beaches, affordable real estate, fantastic year-round weather, and rich culture are just some of the many reasons retirees choose Costa Rica as their number one retirement destination. Although it's not the cheapest country to retire in Central America, anything between $2,000 and $4,000 a month can accommodate a comfortable life for most couples here. It also offers a "Pensional Visa" which is quite similar to Panama's retirement visa. To be eligible, applicants must receive a lifetime monthly pension of at least $1,000 individually, which can be through social security annuities, retirement funds, military pensions, or other retirement benefits. Additionally, foreign retirees living in Costa Rica pay no income tax on their foreign income, so most can enjoy their retirement income without being deducted.

1. Portugal


Portugal has become one of the most popular destinations for retirees in the world, thanks to its stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, mild climate, relatively low cost of living, perfect beaches, and excellent cuisine. The proficiency of the Portuguese government has eased residency requirements and taxes to make the country more appealing to retirees and expats.

Unlike neighboring Spain that only offers its retirees a golden visa scheme, Portugal offers a passive income retirement visa called the D7 visa. This residency permit is the most lenient and effortless way to retire in Portugal. First of all, the income threshold is very low; one simply needs to have a steady income from pensions and savings that is above the minimum wage. Secondly, it's a renewable visa valid for two years, during which the applicant must be in the country for at least six consecutive months.

Overall, Portugal is a fairly developed and safe country to retire easily in the world. Its rich history, vibrant culture, excellent healthcare system, and affordable cost of living make it an ideal destination for retirees. Its location in Europe also makes it an ideal base for travel to other European countries.


Choosing the best country for retirement can be a challenging decision. Factors such as healthcare, climate, cost of living, and infrastructure all come into play. However, the retirement visa policy of a desired country is generally the most important and the first thing to consider. This article has highlighted the top 15 best countries to retire easily in 2024, based on the right balance between cheap and quality to ensure all classes of people are satisfied.

From the United Arab Emirates to Portugal, each country has its unique charm and benefits for retirees. Before making any decision, it's important to do your due diligence and research the requirements, benefits, and drawbacks of each country's retirement visa program. With careful planning and research, you can find the perfect retirement destination that will offer you the best quality of life in your golden years.