Top 15 Cheap Locations to Buy Beach Property Overseas

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Top 15 Cheap Locations to Buy Beach Property Overseas
Top 15 Cheap Locations to Buy Beach Property Overseas
As an investment or retirement home, beachfront real estate is usually one of the most alluring choices when purchasing property, whether for rental or leasing purposes. However, buying oceanfront real estate is typically fairly pricey. However, we have highlighted several locations throughout the globe where one can purchase reasonably priced beachfront condominiums or villas. Although each of these towns is distinctive, we have rated them according to the median property listing price gathered from local websites for the sake of comparison. All essentials are available here, and most of these places permit foreign nationals to engage in their real estate market. So, here are 15 locations where oceanfront real estate is still reasonably priced in 2024.

15. Torrevieja, Spain

Torrevieja is a beautiful place to own a property

On the Costa Blanca, in the southeast of Spain's Alicante province, is the city of Torrevieja. It's a beautiful place to own property because of the promenades that run along the sandy beaches with resorts behind them and the coastline that opens up to the Mediterranean's azure waves. Numerous foreign nationals have relocated to this area for retirement due to the low cost of living there. In this area, the median listing price for a home is expected to be around $140,000, but a beachfront beach house typically costs approximately $230,000, which is still incredibly cheap. Furthermore, this region of Spain has affordable property taxes and maintenance fees for international buyers. Overall, it's a fantastic location for anyone wishing to invest in Spanish real estate, and more significantly, it's a vibrant area where buyers may rent out their properties.

14. Nazare, Portugal

Nazare is beach town and a great location to buy a property in Portugal

One hour's drive separates this beach town and municipality from Lisbon in Portugal's Oeste area. Most of its fame comes from thrill-seekers and surfers who visit its coastlines to ride the enormous waves that batter them in the winter. However, its location on Portugal's Costa de Prata, sometimes known as the Silver Coast, is in high demand and slightly expensive. The cost of a beachfront home ranges from roughly $400 000 for luxury villas to highly affordable for those looking to purchase a quality free-standing home or a condo with a water view. For example, a free-standing house on the outskirts of town costs about $150 000, whereas a two-bedroom apartment in the town that needs some renovations costs about $180,000.

13. Genoa, Italy

Genoa is in high demand by purchasers worldwide because of its beautiful and lively Renaissance architecture.

Northwestern Italy's Genoa is a city with a seaport on the Mediterranean. It serves as both the hub of the Italian Riviera and the city of the Liguria region. The city is in high demand by purchasers worldwide because of its beautiful and lively Renaissance architecture, rich cultural heritage, and magnificent view of the Mediterranean. As a result, local real estate costs are constantly increasing, and opulent beachfront residences are relatively expensive. Nevertheless, the region's median home price is less than $165 000, according to the local realtor's website. And while a detached home in the area will cost at least $200 000, one may purchase a two-bedroom condo that needs significant renovations close to the seaside for approximately $80 000.

12. St. Lucia

Many foreigners invest in St. Lucia's real estate because it is a prominent location to purchase citizenship through investing

The eastern Caribbean island of St. Lucia is home to fishing villages, luxury resorts, reef diving locations, and volcanic beaches. Furthermore, many foreigners invest in its real estate because it is a prominent location to purchase citizenship through investing. However, aspirants for citizenship by investment must invest in a specific project chosen by the government; thus, there is no assurance that it will be close to the seaside. So, for as little as $160,000, you may own a tiny detached house close to the beach with a tropical environment if you don't want to become a citizen of that country. The tax-friendly atmosphere in this island nation is another benefit of purchasing real estate there.

11. Azores, Portugal

Azores is often a terrific place to buy affordable vacation or retirement houses.

An archipelago of nine islands in the center of the Atlantic Ocean is known as the Azores and is an autonomous province of Portugal. The islands are known for their rocky terrain, fishing towns, lush pastures, and hedgerows of blue hydrangeas. Its real estate market has attracted US, Canadian, and UK investors. Foreign nationals are permitted to purchase property here. Since it has excellent infrastructure, including seaports, airports, and a vast road network, this archipelago is often a terrific place to buy affordable vacation or retirement houses. On the other hand, there is a wide range in the median price of homes in this area. On certain islands, buying a property by the sea can only cost you $80 000, but on others, a three-bedroom detached home might cost you about $300,000.

10. Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

The Bay of Kotor adorned by a lovely coastline that features a mountainous region on one side of the river and the city side on the other

The Montenegrin region is centered around the Bay of Kotor, also referred to as the Boca, a curving bay of the Adriatic Sea in southwest Montenegro. It has a gorgeous shoreline, with the city side of the river on one side and a mountainous area on the other. In Kotor, the country's capital, pricey homes and villas start at around $500,000. However, since the area is so large, there are a lot of low-cost properties that are posted all over it. The region's median home value is less than $150 000 overall, although location largely determines how much a home costs.

9. Fiji

Fiji is an ideal location for constructing or buying a retirement or vacation seaside home

Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands in the south pacific. Its rocky terrain, palm-lined beaches, and coral reefs with crystal-clear lagoons are well known. Vanua Levu and Viti Levu, which are two islands, are where the majority of their inhabitants live. It's an ideal location for constructing or buying a retirement or vacation seaside home with its lush flora and shoreline overlooking the deep blue sea. On Viti Levu, the country's major island, most homes are pricey, with a typical two-bedroom home costing over $300,000. On the other hand, some areas of Vanua Levu have meager property prices. For instance, a three-bedroom oceanfront home may be purchased for as little as $140,000.

8. Peloponnese, Greece

Peloponnese is connected to the central part of the country by a land bridge.

Greece's Peloponnese is a peninsula and a geographical area. It has a land bridge that connects it to the nation's center. Like the Greek islands, this region of Greece is home to stunning scenery, a well-established infrastructure, peaceful neighborhoods, and a large range of prime houses and land parcels. In addition, it is most known for its seaside resorts, which have a variety of wonderful amenities like sandy beaches and a calm Mediterranean environment. While properties close to the ocean are pricey, the median listing price for a home in the area is $100,000. A two-bedroom detached house, for instance, costs close to $150,000. The region also has many mansion-style villas, with prices beginning at $400,000. All things considered, real estate in the Peloponnese can be used as both a vacation house and a successful investment.

7. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is known for its beaches, water sports, and nightlife scene

On Mexico's Pacific coast, in the state of Jalisco, sits the resort city of Puerto Vallarta. It is renowned for its beaches, aquatic activities, and nightlife. This area is in high demand due to its sultry waves, scenic coastline, and welcoming ambiance. As a result, property values in this city have increased by about 15% during the last five years. However, those with limited funds can still purchase properties at a discount. According to the local realtor website, a condo or detached property can cost anywhere from $120,000 and over a million dollars. However, this depends on the preferred size, location, and amenities.

6. Alanya, Turkey

Alanya's beaches lined with hotels include Cleopatra Beach, where the Egyptian queen reputedly swam.

On Turkey's central Mediterranean coast, in a region commonly referred to as the Turkish Riviera, is the resort town of Alanya. Cleopatra Beach, where the Egyptian queen allegedly swam, is one of the expansive beaches that hotels surround. Some opulent beachfront or seaside residences can cost up to $250,000. On the other hand, a two-bedroom apartment near the beach often costs under $100,000, while detached properties on the edges of its gated neighborhoods can be purchased for under $150,000. All things considered, it is both a working city and home to a sizable retiree community. Hospitals, grocery stores, and shopping malls are open all year long. The number of customers drawn by affordable pricing and pleasant weather has increased as a result.

5. Varna, Bulgaria

Varna is a great place to invest in some beachfront properties.

With its sand and various beaches, windy coastlines, and picturesque ambiance, Varna is a port city and seaside resort on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. It's a fantastic location for buying oceanfront real estate. In one of its elite neighborhoods, a luxury furnished property with a sea view can cost up to $400 000 and come with all the great extras accompanying such an investment. However, apartments make up the majority of the real estate in this city, and a three-bedroom, brand-new condo with a sea view can be purchased for under $100,000.

4. Salinas, Ecuador

Salinas is a small city, with its beach and boardwalk, offers shopping and dining

The city of Salinas is situated on the westernmost point of Ecuador's Pacific coastline. This small community is frequently referred to as "little Miami" because of its emerald waters and sophisticated condominium structures that line its boardwalk and beach. It also offers shopping and restaurants. One of the best places in South America to buy a beachfront home is here. The majority of the listings in this city are for apartments, with a median property listing price of $120,000. Being the most well-liked beach resort for Ecuadorians throughout the summer makes it a desirable city to invest in vacation rental properties.

3. Belize

Belize is a great alternative to countries like Panama and Costa Rica, where buying property near the beach can come with a hefty price

One of the most accessible nations in Central America for foreign purchasers is Belize. It's a fantastic substitute for places like Panama and Costa Rica, where purchasing real estate close to the beach may be expensive. The national median home value is a little shy of $150,000. On the flip side, purchasing property here carries some hazards, such as scams; thus, it is advised to work with a reputable real estate agent or attorney before taking action. On the other hand, there are also some advantages. The absence of capital gains tax is undoubtedly one of the most notable benefits. Moreover, the property tax burden is incredibly minimal. Property taxes in some locations can be as low as 0.01 percent annually.

2. Saranda, Albania

Out of all the beach cities, the nation has to offer, Saranda is among the greatest

Albanian coastal cities like Durres, Saranda, and Vlore have seen an upsurge in the number of international retirees moving there in recent years. They claim that the cost of living in Albania is far lower than in their native country and that real estate is reasonably priced. Out of all the beach cities, the nation has to offer, Saranda is among the greatest. This area's median property listing price is significantly lower than $100,000 due to the rapid growth, closeness to the Greek island of Corfu, and the abundance of real estate. Luxury oceanfront houses are also offered or being built close to the main city, albeit they are projected to cost around $300,000. In conclusion, anyone wishing to invest in real estate or find a seaside home might consider Albania's coastline a less expensive option.

1. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar has a stable political, social, and economic environment, and its safety rating is among the highest in Africa

Off the coast of East Africa, the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar can be found. It is distinguished by a distinct cultural history, lovely white sand beaches, peaceful forests, and a remarkable stone town that serves as its historical crown jewel. In addition, it has a stable political, social, and economic environment, and its safety rating is among the highest in Africa. Since the government let foreigners purchased properties in 2018, many foreign nationals have begun purchasing property on this island. As a result, there has been a significant increase in residential real estate on this island, which is close to the shore. The median property value in this area is now less than $120,000. However, this number is anticipated to increase soon. In addition, the government provides several tax breaks to foreigners who engage in the local real estate market.

In Conclusion

Your beach rental's potential income is influenced by various variables, including location, the number of listing websites you utilize, the state of your property, etc. There has never been a better moment to own your stretch of beach by the sea, whether you are looking to buy a full-time, short-term rental or a home to rent out during the winter.